When Innocent Credulity falls for Devilish Wiles .

When Charming Vices grab my arms,
To draw me closer ,
to Hell anon.

Then I see the Universal Fair ,
of Pride and Gluttony!
Of Sin and Snare!

The Virgin Maid is then Defiled,
The Crying Nipper there
sacrificed .

The Senile Bugged and Beaten down ,
The Matron is Dragged through the Town .
The Venerable Man sentenced to Death,
The Culprit Enjoys his life ahead !

Away !Away!Let me go!
For I cannot witness this Spectacle Glow !
Thus I race toward Heavens ground, jerking the hand that took me Down…

I hear a Voice telling me,
To return to Earth ,
And Vanquish Hell .

To discover
New life of Peace and Love ,
To turn all my Energy
From Infernal scorn.

And agree to Create
With Resplendence ,
A Mystical dawn .