Come to me ,
And come soon !
I will relish your presence
And give myself to you !

You went away.
For others
Invaded your space.
I let them in
For I never verily believed
That you were so vital ,
For me.

But then I saw ,
The vacuum created ,
By your absence,
And there I was in the eye of
The twister
Waiting for the trailing winds
To pass by.

I stood in the chaotic nothingness,
(Thanatos,cruelty,melancholy, anxiety)
Ranting,crying,calling ,
Your name.

Then they moved with all their force
To strike me !
I was meek and weak,
still survived.

Tears of joy well up in my eyes.
For you’re standing there
With your arms open wide
Beckoning me ,
To run and join you for Eternity !

I call to you
Forgive my Arrogance
My Vanity ,my Pride.
For all I need is you !
At this moment ,
This hour.

Come to me !
I am drained of all power !
My Solitude , My Peace ,My Calm, My Lover !