I “Love” you
So there ,
I pick the one in between

I see how it goes,
Since the nature is entwined
To the feeling called “love “.

The past is a witness,
To the labyrinthine ways of Yours.
The Knights You have murdered ,
The Dames immersed in mud !
I recall some verses,
In which a lady died ,
Just because she Was tempted to see The knight in armour Passing by.

Well don’t stop here !
You took many lives
Through Your sentimental tools
Of Crying,Languishing,Agony and Pain.

But all amounted to nothing,
Other than disdain.
And some were named after You “Lovers”.
Ha ! What unfortunate creatures
They may be,
Who were entranced by Your enchantments
And never dared to flee (That torturous manacle).

They say You are blind,
And fitted upon an Amoretti’s bow.
To strike Your victim dead
And claim victory
But oh!
Well Let me define
what Love truly is !
what the lovestruck Artists say.

Welcome to the modern world.
Here antiquated definitions have changed .
Allow me to Enlighten Thee
On what truly Thine nature is.

Love is all narcissistic
And blind when coupled with Inferiority or desperation true.
Here we love people
To satiate our insatiable lust.
We live in the world of Pornos
And Tinder
That’s what Love is.

We try to fake it with those
Who don’t catch our fancy,
We love them Who are superior Or related.

So I know You In Your true form now You are not the platonic kind,
Nor the lusty foe
You’re a Self Centered Necromancer Making people cry in woe.