Enough of this Calumny and slander of Me
I am the catalyst who created Thee !
I am present in the hearts of those
Who know Me truly
What You say is , what You see
I will give Thee
My vision ,
to see
Who I am ,
You must know Me.

I existed within
The first man and woman.
I brought care,peace,trust,mercy
and kindness to the world.

People corrupted their purpose,
And injured Me!
They lived with Your brother
Hate .
For as long as you can see,
Wars,and revenge,
Murders and dictatorial
Rules the country!

I am still alive,
And live in every soul
That can accept Me
As I be.

Do not defame the “lovers”,
That gave their lives for Me.
For they made Me immortal.
With their allegiance,
I would rule ,
Till eternity.

Its true that My brother usurped
My throne,
But I have loyalists,
Who owe their fealty
To Me.

The number is not less
And I count You one of them
As I can see.

‘And You missed something’

Ah ! The neo instruments of love
Are good if not used wrongly.

I am Your father child
Come embrace Me
I know why You rail against Me
Do not cry
And don’t be angry
You are My dove
Go spread My message
Ill tell You something
Just trust
When I say
You’re in Love.