That senile face,
The face of peace .
And grace.

Your soothing voice,
Your feathery touch !
So once You came there,
In My dream.

You don’t exist anymore,
In this transient world.
You inhabited the space
Of spirits.

But when You came in My dream,
You were as You were.
You died.

With tears in My eyes,
I looked at You,
Called to You !
If I should embrace .

You smiled and beckoned Me,
And said,
‘I don’t live with You anymore’,
‘I live with the deceased,
In a far away place ‘

‘I came to see,
How were You faring by’.
‘ My darling girl, I will
Look after You,
I am not constrained anymore !
I am free !
To visit You whenever I please’.
‘Just look at the moon or sun or green grounds
or over the sea’,
‘You’ll find Me there,
As a swimming dolphin
Or a flying bird
Or as a shady tree.’
‘My element is free ,
My darling girl ,
I’ll always be with Thee.’

“Wake up ,its light” !
She left.
With a peaceful relief,
With her ,
in my memory,
I awakened to this dawn
With the most precious
Treasury .