Cool and calm ,
This Night is beautiful.
It brings a certain
Sense of peace.

This Night draws out ,
Varied illuminations
In my mind.
Remembering the other
Nights that
Have gone by.

It was a Night .
Not different from this one,
In form external.
But yes, there You were,
I would lie awake ,
For You.
Not knowing, how beautiful
The Night is.
But wasting it ,
On You.

Yes, there is solitude,
But its tranquil
And cosy,
It’s serene ,
This Night.

The breeze is fresh,
The trees are dark,
In a magical way.
The stars are white,
Diamonds of light,
Oh ! the sky is vast !
And there is the milky way !

How miniscule, I feel in this
Beautiful Night,
And yet so happy ,

The microcosmic earth ,
In the macrocosmic space ,
I love this Night !
It revelatory,
It’s great !

I feel it, enthralling
My senses.
For now, I realised
It’s better without You,
In all its occurrences.

Good Night my love ,
Wherever you may be,
I wish you could also see,
And love this Night
In its entirety.