Let me relax ,
Get calm,
Tranquility access.

A big day !
Yes, its going to bring
Doom or victory.

So let me spend the night
At my own pace.
Stop !
O’clock !
Dear one don’t race!

It’s peaceful to be unaware ,
Innocence is bliss.
And as they say,
Knowledge is a fruit of the
Forbidden tree.

Oh! but its late,
I’ve tasted it already,
They made me,
(For my good though),
Since I saw and understood ,
I analysed and stood
Speculating, what it meant
At its unprecedented propensity ,
To expose the novel ,
To me.

Then I did not know,
It was a trick ,
To lure me to
This worldly web.

Well and good.
It’s done !
Now only time stands ,
Between me and the revelation!
God ! Bless me!
I need you !

I have faith ,and blithely
Declare it will be great .
Life is a present ,
Let’s not make haste.
And relish every bit
Of this earthly paradise’s

Before entering,
For judgement ,
(Mercy , kindness ! )
In the presence
Of His Grace .