You must laugh !
When I cry,
You must rejoice !
When I fall,
You must be cruel,
Killing my sentiments,
You must live on ,
When I die.

Despondent ! forlorn !
I crave for a word !
You vanish like the mist on the glass.
If You are the cold ,
I would love to get frozen.
If You are the hottest hell ,
I would burn there blithely.
If You are the tempest ,
You can gladly sweep me away.
If You are a whirlpool,
you can drown me
In the deep dark.

Those eyes are my dwelling place,
Those hands my cover.
Your form is my form,
And I am yours.

I love you ! yes, I do.
Not the way ,
Love is and should be.
I love you in a lot of ways,
But you are too blind to see.