I wait unremittingly, untiring
I wait.
But You don’t come.

I paint this picture of You and Me,
In love.
But reality arouses Me,
That You’re not there.

I walk in My garden ,
Lost in My obscure thoughts,searching for You,
That You may appear,
And say I am home.
But still, You don’t come.


I talk to others,
Who are but, shadows to Me.
Nothing makes them real
But the mention of Your name
Presents them in all their colours.

I feel gay, and jolly after talking about You
I switch on My phone, to check if You’re there,
But I am disheartened AF .
Because you are nowhere,
Any form,any way.
I wish for You all day.

I go to bed at last,wishing to see You
Tomorrow, I pray!
I sleep to be with You,
At that one place ,
Where You are Mine,
And I am Yours.

Where We can last together forever
You and Me in love
Happy , ecstatic ,to find that
Beatific emotion
Lost in the real world for now
To be found