Awakened, at Your touch
Never asleep , since then
Your touch
I feel Your ardent words
Transformed in real feelings
I feel Your warm mouth on my…

It’s oblivion , never to recover
Lost ! I want to get lost!
In Your maddening caress
Your touch
But then…

I woke up, I saw.
You left .
With My fire burning,
My thirst unquenched.
My soul is parched,
I wish for more !

Rueful , decrepit ,desolate !
My feelings are full of sadness.
And I repent.
You said You were bad,
I dare not believe You,
And oh ! You left
Where shall I go?
Turn to whom?

My life is an empty field
Without You
Meaningless, nihilistic, vacant
It’s nothing!
No sea,no trees, no birds, no peace!
The world doesn’t exists anymore!

Come back to Me
My love !
For I need You within my sight!
Here in My arms
From morning till