It’s Your Birthday !
And I miss You.
Like a sister,
My Dear Heart .

We were so close
Then ,
Two years
And disparities
Scored over Our relation.

Don’t think,
I’ll ever forget that
Giggle,smile and laughter !
Don’t think ill ever forget
that sparkle in Your eyes!
That secret message,
Meant for Me .
Which I read with hesitations,
Reading only what I wanted to read!
Not comprehending that Love
You asked of Me.

Too late,
It’s night!
This sadness

For now I understand,
Our time
Together was precious.
And You
More dearer to Me,
Now only a memory.
You left,
That fight,
That apathetic coldness,
I despised , it all.

Forgive Me Dear Heart,
But if God ever wills,
I will be Yours again!
To love You ,
More than a friend.

Forgive Me .
I was mistaken
Ill,miss You
Till the end.