There are and will be
Men and women
It’ll continue…

To be like this,
How much we Love
But also, Hatred still.

Stoical-Reticent-Frigid and Cold
All terms for us
Who are busy
To lure…

Others , who are equally
Insecure, and succumb
To tempting spectres aboard
This journey, that Life is…

We want Love and give none.
Why is there someone too special?
Why not everyone equal to that ‘Someone’ ?
Lies-Deceit-Ego-Greed !

These ; the fuel for the engine of Love
To run over old and new alike ,
True love there is,
No more than than ever…

Phantoms and Beguilers
I can observe
Lurk everywhere.

Night or day !
Calm or fray !
Preoccupied with Love-
Too much ,or less
Thinking of it (unconsciously; consciously) all day!
Waiting -pacing-sitting- crying!
Amour ! Liebe! Love ! Prem !
You made us an arrant fool.

Smashed to smithereens
We Pulverise
We cease to feel
And don a novel disguise.

And we Smile… That phoney smile… Yes, that phoney smile.