Would you like a pyre , when  you’re Deceased?
Or perhaps; to be dug under the soil, deep?

Evade it,or reply
This one is certain
Because Death is inevitable
Others, of Life we can deny.

Profoundly debated ,murkily existing
Cease these-
communalism! Segregation! Prejudice! Violence! Terrorism! Bullying! Apathy!
Hatred! Cruelty! Torture! Please!!!

Sit down, breathe, think for a second
What of all this?
Why should they exist?

Pertinent these questions!
Answers still unintelligible.
For some are the devil’s agents,
Let peace be with us !
Someone’s volition is to be sequestered,
From the world of hatred and violence.
Still are foisted to live here.

Only until the question
Is articulated again –
Would you like a fire? Or the bed of soil?
For Death is certain
It’s only Life, that can be enjoyed.