The verdant stares with quietude in its gaze, reverting the fecundity contained.

Predatory stillness, looming astray;

A synonym appears to disappear amongst the contemporary haze.

Again that femininity;

Again it’s enacted,

On the postiche stage.

Phantom of fallacy ensconced to the temporal maze, circumvolutes to the centre.

Cadaverous constancy grinning it’s tale;  With hands and smiles trust is held;

A dagger slicing the flesh it bound to protect;

Benighted breathers well in the eyes, carrying succulent mental blades.

Even Loss, is lost to the deceased and corporeal resilience subsides;

Smokes and stains and the receptacle of the past coalesce.

Submerging futility! Submerging pain!

Sundry aroha salted and drained ,Silence but, in the tempest remains.