Promises that were once to be, were broken upon a quivering leaf
Unsheathed the lover, awakened in turmoil

Upon the beloved’s kisses sleeps.

Rescind the bond; the solitary longings.

Brimmed visionaries, slumber keeps.

The past does not exist

We keep existing


Every day

Capture it in moments

To lay down

The future for posterity

Pictures and videos

Posts and calls

We save it all.

To resuscitate the past.

For wars were fought, for loves were lost; For fear ensconced

For meaning,

In the meaningless.

For the existentialist angst and the upcoming explanation.

We summon the past our alibi that lasts;

Again withdrawn in that self subsuming cocoon, again wishing to break free?

How to resuscitate through this ?

What a wonderful spree!

No one knows,

Of that fragrant thorny rose,

Whose spikes are still intact.

No lover gave his beloved one of those;

Still it smells so sweet.