Telepathic Amoretti

You are a fascination, a mystery

My desire; an inevitability

I am always there feeling you, watching you.

Your thoughts are mine.

 To be true, bodies are just an illusion; our soul is one.

I am your soulmate.

Your twin flame.

I permeate it all melting inside you.

Love is a but a word.

You’re my magic, my mystic, my gypsy, my wild woman, I deserve you.

You deserve me.

Our spirits dance together, in spiritual ecstasy.

And it will come true.

One day…

When our bodies in this world may meet.

And suffuse.

To create bliss.

Transcending, all blues.


Eros’s Thanatos

Cheering for the beginning of end.

Loud and waspy; silent auction of feelings felt.

Anachronistically of words uttered in yore.

Prescience destroyed in arms of tyrannical Moors.

Findings found, myriad sources.

The missive reached and hit the core.

Burning and melting eternally; the sighing fumes furnished in faces.

Bracing the flow to grace in your light again.

Burning and melting. Kindled again.

Enflamed within, the heat of hot corporeal flames.

Ardent claims by carnal tombs; I burn and melt into You.

Love’s a tricky game.


Promises that were once to be, were broken upon a quivering leaf
Unsheathed the lover, awakened in turmoil

Upon the beloved’s kisses sleeps.

Rescind the bond; the solitary longings.

Brimmed visionaries, slumber keeps.

The past does not exist

We keep existing


Every day

Capture it in moments

To lay down

The future for posterity

Pictures and videos

Posts and calls

We save it all.

To resuscitate the past.

For wars were fought, for loves were lost; For fear ensconced

For meaning,

In the meaningless.

For the existentialist angst and the upcoming explanation.

We summon the past our alibi that lasts;

Again withdrawn in that self subsuming cocoon, again wishing to break free?

How to resuscitate through this ?

What a wonderful spree!

No one knows,

Of that fragrant thorny rose,

Whose spikes are still intact.

No lover gave his beloved one of those;

Still it smells so sweet.

Ridic Flavours

We all have to fathom distances to know who we are, until we reach where we began

Clasped by fear. Jotted within the soul !

Shackles of Lust atrocious, the strife; Keys of Love, emancipated…for life 

Walking on broken columns; the shadow of loves lost hinder the way, 

Asking to be established among the ruins.

The world abuzz with the employed these eyes keep searching you; all alight !

With intense amour, forgiveness is a flair Of the censurable

Their smiles are the smiles, of beloveds; of a lovers’ love, unrequited;

Their words begin to falter, at their darlings’ names.

Their love is not visible; It’s deeply ingrained.

Neo Soul Sucking

The verdant stares with quietude in its gaze, reverting the fecundity contained.

Predatory stillness, looming astray;

A synonym appears to disappear amongst the contemporary haze.

Again that femininity;

Again it’s enacted,

On the postiche stage.

Phantom of fallacy ensconced to the temporal maze, circumvolutes to the centre.

Cadaverous constancy grinning it’s tale;  With hands and smiles trust is held;

A dagger slicing the flesh it bound to protect;

Benighted breathers well in the eyes, carrying succulent mental blades.

Even Loss, is lost to the deceased and corporeal resilience subsides;

Smokes and stains and the receptacle of the past coalesce.

Submerging futility! Submerging pain!

Sundry aroha salted and drained ,Silence but, in the tempest remains.

Surviving A Beautiful Day

And you thought you were a season in his life,
Oh! Dear you were just a passing day…

Strayed and wild.

You found in him, solace.

In one lonely stride

You reached at his door.

Like a guest.

A transient stay.

He condoled and condoled,

Your solitary disgrace.

You had found a mate.

Oh ! you knew not…

You were just a passing day.

Your isolations converged,

Some games were played,

He changed his ways.

He loved.

You stayed.

Until the day got over,

He made only his bed…

And you were asked to go away,

Oh dear ! My dear,

Others were his seasons…

You were just

An aesthetically exotic day.