Ridic Flavours

We all have to fathom distances to know who we are, until we reach where we began

Clasped by fear. Jotted within the soul !

Shackles of Lust atrocious, the strife; Keys of Love, emancipated…for life 

Walking on broken columns; the shadow of loves lost hinder the way, 

Asking to be established among the ruins.

The world abuzz with the employed these eyes keep searching you; all alight !

With intense amour, forgiveness is a flair Of the censurable

Their smiles are the smiles, of beloveds; of a lovers’ love, unrequited;

Their words begin to falter, at their darlings’ names.

Their love is not visible; It’s deeply ingrained.

Neo Soul Sucking

The verdant stares with quietude in its gaze, reverting the fecundity contained.

Predatory stillness, looming astray;

A synonym appears to disappear amongst the contemporary haze.

Again that femininity;

Again it’s enacted,

On the postiche stage.

Phantom of fallacy ensconced to the temporal maze, circumvolutes to the centre.

Cadaverous constancy grinning it’s tale;  With hands and smiles trust is held;

A dagger slicing the flesh it bound to protect;

Benighted breathers well in the eyes, carrying succulent mental blades.

Even Loss, is lost to the deceased and corporeal resilience subsides;

Smokes and stains and the receptacle of the past coalesce.

Submerging futility! Submerging pain!

Sundry aroha salted and drained ,Silence but, in the tempest remains.

Surviving A Beautiful Day

And you thought you were a season in his life,
Oh! Dear you were just a passing day…

Strayed and wild.

You found in him, solace.

In one lonely stride

You reached at his door.

Like a guest.

A transient stay.

He condoled and condoled,

Your solitary disgrace.

You had found a mate.

Oh ! you knew not…

You were just a passing day.

Your isolations converged,

Some games were played,

He changed his ways.

He loved.

You stayed.

Until the day got over,

He made only his bed…

And you were asked to go away,

Oh dear ! My dear,

Others were his seasons…

You were just

An aesthetically exotic day.


Why does he do this to you?

Because when he stops

You know you will still go on

While he denied you verses

You discovered an embellished treasure within you

Hidden in the arteries of art

Pumping in poetry.

He said he was going to bring a gift

What more could you ask

But a change of heart?

Or mind which remembers you as you are

How hard you fall?

When you Fall in Love

And why after all is it called 

Falling (in love)

It may as well be known as

Drowning in Love

Or Choking in toxic air

How drastic the change?

How excruciating the pain?

How tormenting the word-

Unrequited sounds?

Which tells that only you’ve fallen

The beloved has not .


He was thinking of someone’s eyes

You were thinking of your tears

He dwelt on memories of past loves

You thought of one, only one you had

He held a hand not yours this time

You held the gun, not yours to hold

He kissed her lips

You took a shot.

It’s true Love conquers all.

Rage Rage against the dying of the light

​Fucked up wrath

You write with hate

Deride them all

Who screwed your fate

With their pretence.

Like a trek to the top of a mountain with exhaustion

You stay to Take it all in

One gaze

The view is clear beautiful abundant

You stay

You’ve done your bit

To reach this stage

I applaud your courage

That you chose to stay

Even when you knew

You should’ve kept clarity at bay.

The One That Returns Not



This love was just a lie 

As all loves are which never return

with only dreams, worth my while

I captured delights of that ecstatic emotion



You fucked yourself up tonight

An act of rebellion


Here in this plight

Blighted benighted

You wait for his sight

You complain in pain

The wrong done

All in vain

He rejected you, pitied you, guided you towards other paths

But warned you if ever you dared tread his own

That was made for other women

Who have known him whole

You were bewitched my dear, now escape

Before this charming necromancer

Turns you into prey.